Global Notice under International Laws – Credmine

Dear valued users,

Important Announcement:

Credmine, a duly registered platform, operates in accordance with the Rules and Regulations under British law and complies with international laws. It is imperative to emphasize that illegitimately acquired NFTs have no place within our platform.

Any customer found engaging in fraudulent activities on this website will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities, including but not limited to the International Security Agency and other relevant international law enforcement agencies.

Credmine has consistently showcased its capability to handle NFT transactions of varying volumes, ranging from small to very large. In addition to our commitment to delivering exceptional services, we are excited to introduce NFT transactions on our platform.

Key points:

* Our objective is to facilitate secure NFT transactions.

* We welcome bids on our platform for NFTs, regardless of the volume.

* Emphasis is placed on the legitimacy of the provided NFTs.

We extend our gratitude for your understanding and continued patronage.

Sincerely, Credmine Management

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